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A holiday is just another day off + letter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

No doubt, nowadays everybody likes holidays and days off. Some people consider a holiday as a day off, while others disagree. So, what is the real meaning of holidays? Let me express my point of view.

In my opinion, holidays are quite important in our lives, because it unites our country and gives an opportunity to follow national traditions and to pay tribute to those, who did their best in the development of our country. For example, annually people all over the country carry out the action “Immortal regiment” in honor of the heroes of Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. Secondly, the day, dedicated to a good event is a perfect chance to meet your relatives or friends and spend this day together.

However, some people consider holidays to be just days off in their busy usual life.

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That is why, those, who work a lot, prefer to stay away from work and have a rest.

I strongly disagree with them. I think that it is not only our right, but duty to take part in the life of your city. No matter you stay at home or go outside on these days, we should keep national traditions for future generations.

To sum up, I should say, that holidays make our life more interesting and fascinating. Also such activities are the so-called bridge between past and future.



September 29

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for your letter. I was glad to hear from you again.

You asked me about teens fashion in Russia. Well, in

Russia, as well as in other countries there are youngsters, who follow latest fashion trends, and those, who prefer their own style. Anyway, tastes differ. As for the most popular clothes among teenagers, they are certainly jeans, hoodies and sweaters.

By the way, all that is what I like to wear in my everyday life. I find casual style the most comfortable and suitable.

So, Do you find it alright, when a person wears a fashion cloth, which does not match him or her? Do you prefer business or sport style? What colors of clothes do you like?

Sorry, I have to go now. Keep in touch,

Your Julia

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