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Watching videos on YouTube is the best way to learn something new (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays all spheres of people’s lives are connected with the Internet. Teenagers are firmly convinced that YouTube is the most precious source of knowledge for modern students. Adults persuade other children that it is impossible to acquire useful skills watching videos on YouTube. In my essay I am going to analyze this debatable issue and express my point of view.

I totally agree with the youngster’s opinion. To begin with, YouTube is the source where people can find answers on questions from different areas of life. There is unlimited amount of information so there is always an opportunity to study something new. Secondly, every topic is covered by different people, that allows a person to choose a favourite approach to learning it.

A lot of tips will make learning quick and easy.

However, there is an opposite opinion. Grown-ups are sure that everyone can upload videos to YouTube so people cannot be confident that advice in learning they are going to follow was given by qualified specialists. Therefore, people can study doing something wrong. Learning with YouTube videos people are faced a lack of practice, that has a bad effect on their training.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the ideas, mentioned above. For learning people could watch videos, which are recorded by proven channels and people, who can confirm their qualification. It will help to exclude the possibility of being deceived by fraudsters. To learn something new watching YouTube videos people should train themselves and ask questions in the comments if they do not understand anything.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that YouTube makes learning possible for everyone and everywhere that makes it the most convenient way of all types of education.


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