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Governments should limit the size of sugary drink containers in order to improve public health. Письмо о получении новостей (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays many people think that governments must reduce the number of sugary drink containers to save people's health. However, there are those who believe that it is everyone's personal decision to consume it or not.

To begin with, I am convinced that government should control this important situation. Firstly, sugar drink containers can cause a lot of illnesses such as diabetes which a person suffers all his life. Secondly, children have access to these drinks which they can buy at any shop. This situation is so serious because kids cannot control their consumption of sugar, so it can cause irreversible consequences.

Humanity will get a weak generation. Moreover, some people do not understand that it is harmful to themselves. That is why a government should care about them and help to refuse from a large amount of consumption sugar.

Nevertheless, others think that government controls almost all sphere of life, therefore, it should not restrict people's right to choose what citizens need to drink. Besides, they consider that a reduction of sugary drink containers can cause economic problems.

I disagree with that point of view. If a government ceases to control the production of sugary beverages, it can lead to the appearance of illegal, dangerous for life products. My personal view is that people's lives are more important than getting an income.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that consumption of sugary drink containers is a serious problem which can refer to global. Humanity must pay attention to this problem because it is as so significant as global warming.

39. Letter.



Dear Nicole,

Thanks for your letter. Sorry, I haven't answered earlier but I was really busy with my school. I`m glad you`re OK.

In your letter you asked me about the way how I get news. Well, I can say that I read news on the Internet more often than on TV because it gives a great opportunity to get a piece of wide information.

To be honest, I`m a curious girl. So, I get news every day. I read, listen and watch the news throughout the day.

You know, I consider news how a way to know all that happens in the whole world. That`s all because I don`t like that news forms public opinion.

Besides, do you get on well with uncle and aunt? Where will they stay? How long will they be in your city?

Unfortunately, I need to help my mother. Take care.

Best wishes,



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