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Задание 40. Opinion Essay. The housework should be done only by women in the family (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays some people think that because of gender differences there must be clear boundaries between male and female home labour. In particular, ones talk about domestic work as women's responsibilities. Others consider that sex dissimilarity should nor determine the charges of people in the household.

To my mind, a man and a woman in a family should equally share duties for housekeeping. First of all, in the modern world females as wel as males work in taxi services, factories and other "traditionally male" jobs, bring money home and provide a family.

Thus if outside the house a woman works no less than her husband, it will be unfair to do more domestic work. In addition, collaboration in the house-keeping can help a couple to spend more time together and get closer. It gives a positive effect on their relationship and makes a family stronger.

Nevertheless, other people suppose that all work on the house should lie on fragile female's shoulders. They are sure that the traditional role of the woman as a keeper of the hearth raising children and keeping household is important to save our society from the fall.

However, I believe that modern concepts of equality have the right to change the outdated misogyny rules of home life. History shows us some vivid examples of women making new great discoveries and courageous exploits. Thus, the whole female part of the humanity is able to be much more than nannies, cooks and cleaners.

To conclude, I would like to note that times change and now it is the time for many to accept the fact that housework is not a burden that only women have to bear.


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