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Задание 40. Opinion essay. The modern man could not survive in the jungle. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The modern man could not survive in the jungle.

Some people might argue that today's people can not cope with wild conditions. Others believe that it is not hard for them. Whose opinion is right?

To my mind, it is rather possible for modern men to get through with wildlife's problems. First of all, now every human has enough knowledge how to get fire, find edible food and build a dwelling, etc at least from the movies.

Thus, survival becomes a reality. What is more, in the process of evolution, humanity has learned to adjust to any difficult situation by using only a brain. This means that one can find a way out of any dangers of wild nature. Finally, like an ancient man, a modern one has instincts to avoid hazards. This natural gift allows human-beings to solve the problems of survival at an unconscious level.

However, others disagree. They are sure that a person, as a social wight, con not live separately from society and the modern good of civilisation. Therefore, he is doomed to perish. Futhermore, they suppose, that predators and poisonous animals are hostile to a man and meeting with them is fatal.

At the same time, I am unconvinced that death is inevitable without community. Present-day technologies make it feasible to find the lost man in the jungle before he passes away. Besides, life-threatening beasts of rainforests are afraid of their "victim" more than any human. Thus, they try not to be detected by men and rarely attack people.

To sum up, I think that the modern man can survive in the jungle, because he has a lot of instruments and experience to do it.


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