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Some people think that the problems caused gamling are very serious (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Various forms of gambling, including the lottery, horseracing and online gambling are extremely popular today. Some people enjoy risking their money and possessions once in a while, but others may become compulsive gamblers and lose everything they have. The question is whether gambling is harmless fun or a real problem.

In my opinion, the distress caused by compulsive gambling can be very considerable. Firstly, compulsive gambling threatens a person’s financial well-being. People often gamble away large sums of money and even money meant for bills and other household items. Secondly, gambling has a devastating effect on the addict’s family. Gamblers often ignore their spousal and parental duties, which may lead to quarrels and divorce.

Additionally, gambling addiction can cause work-related problems. Regular absence from work and the inability to do one's job can result in dismissal.

However, some people say that gambling allows them to satisfy their desire for adventure. It helps them relax and escape from the problems of everyday life. Besides, many people say that just the thought of winnings makes them feel excited.

Anyway, by trying to win back money that they have lost, gamblers often lose more. To complicate matters further, they may borrow money from friends and relatives. Some gambling addicts resort to stealing when their savings are depleted.

To conclude, gamblers cannot think of anything but their addiction. Compulsive gambling can result in debts, family breakdown and loss of interest in other activities. That is why it is vitally important to try to overcome this addiction before it is too late.


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