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Smoking should be prohibited (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays the problem of eradicating bad habits has great arguments and controversy some people think that there is no problem with somebody who is a smoker, while others believe that smoking is a huge problem a society. where the truth?

In my opinion smoking shall not be prohibited. Firstly, smoking is a personal matter of each person if a man smokes in certain place for smokers there is no threatening. Secondly, smoking is a special attribute of art and culture. a lot of characters from movies are smokers and it gives them charm. Thirdly, it is a huge threat of Destruction of tobacco factories.

However there exist another point of view on the issue. Some people believe that smoking is meant for society. firstly, it is detrimental for men's health, it would destroy your lungs. Secondly, smoking is the bad example for children's or teenagers they could regard it as normal habit.

Despite my respect for this opinion i cannot share it. firstly smoking and not the main reason of people's illnesses, i think stresses provoke this mostly. Also smokers are not responsible for somebody's children. And meanwhile if a child takes bad example it is a consequence of a bad parenting.

In conclusion, i would like to say there is no weighty reason for prohibited smoking. nevertheless smokers shall follow the rules of smoking in public places.

(This is the essay for English exam)

(This is the essay for English exam)

(This is the essay for English exam)

(This is the essay for English exam)


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