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Егэ по английскому С2 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Some people believe that the climate change we are experiencing nowdays is a natural process.

It is not a secret that today our planet face such ecological problem as global warming. The majority of people suppose that the main cause of this problem is a distractive human activity, however others believe that the greenhouse effect is a natural phenomen. Let us discuss whose point of view is more reasonable.

As far as I am concerned, enviromentalists determine the cause of the climate change as human vital activity. Firstly, burning fossil fuel such as coal, oil and gas leads to discharge vast quantities of the carbon emmitions into the atmosphere, that trap the heat from the Sun and cause the Earth to get warmer. Apart from this fact, the problem has been made worse by deforestation, because vegetation is the main absorber of carbon dioxide.

Nevertheless, there is anothere point of view.

Some people argue that global warming is a natural stage of climate change. They cite example of the ice age. That time global cooling was not caused by human activity.

That maybe true, but in my opinion it is hard to deny the fact that human vital activity changed the chemical composition of the atmosphere by air pollution. It is the responsibility of our society to decrease carbon emission by using such renewable resources as wind wave and solar power.

In conclusion I would like to say that although the climate is naturally changeable, we should be sensible in how we use the resources. But if we use them unreasonably we will simply have no world to live in.


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