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Public libraries are becoming less popular and they will disappear soon. Эссе ЕГЭ по английскому(40) и письмо(39) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)




Dear Philip,

Thanks for your letter. Sorry, I haven`t answered you earlier but I was really busy with my school. I`m glad you`re OK!

In your letter you asked me about movies. Well, I`ve seen a Russian film named “Girls not give up”. It was so funny and I advise you to watch.

You know, girls were friendly with each other. And this fact impressed me most of all because nowadays you hardly can see real best friends.

To be honest, I would like to play the role of Maria because she is clever, fair and soft-hearted.

Moreover, she plays a role with a handsome actor.

Besides, have you ever took part in competitions like that? Do you know who will be your opponent? Do you ask for any help from adults for preparing?

Actually, I need to do my homework. Take care.

Best wishes,


Public libraries are becoming less popular and they will disappear soon.

Nowadays some people think that attending libraries is unnecessary due to appearance of new technologies. However, there are those who say that libraries should be visited.

To begin with, I am sure that libraries are an essential part of people`s life. Firstly, a library gives us an opportunity to get a book absolutely free. For example, someone cannot have money to buy a book. In this case, a library is his helper. Moreover, the building of a library is a brilliant territory where you can do science work or homework. Besides, you meet smart people there who can help you with any question. Also, I`m convinced that libraries will continue to exist because they are a great source of global information storage.

Nevertheless, others suppose that humanity will refuse from libraries in the future. Doubtless, people read books less often than in the last century. Definitely, there is a group of those who think that the Internet will replace libraries.

I disagree with that point of view. To my way of thinking, people never stop reading. Society is developing and it needs to take information from a library. Indeed, the Internet will not provide you with a really old book. That is, the right book may not be on the Internet.

Summing it up, I would like to say that libraries are needed people. Certainly, they will function in the future. Libraries will evolve and change for the better together with humanity.


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