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The most important traints of character (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Character of a person is his personal traits which evolve for all our life and appear in our actions, behavior and so on. And what traits of character will any person have depends on his surrounding, lifes conditions, people who he communicate with and so on. And we are surrounded by absolutely different people who are mix of plenty of traits some of which we probably don't like. And that's okay because nobody is perfect. And moreover, there is no certain criteria of perfect characters because of different points of view. But there are some traits which are liked by many people. I would like to express my mind about which model behavior I would appreciate and develop in myself.

First of all, the most valuable traits are sociability and communicability.

By this definitions I mean being able to openly communicate and find common language with any person despite how simmilar your interests are. It's being open to get acquainted with everyone because it's a big incredible experience in your life and great chance to meet up new people. Ability of adapting to others and breaking down principles attracts people.

Secondly, meaningful enough is positivity as ability to figure out good sides in bad things. Significance of this is observed in fact that positive thoughts make people feel better and go forward in any situation and also attract other people and motivate them. Because can somebody imagine how many dreams and goals were destroyed by people thinking like "I can't do this" and so on. It's a pity.

Thirdly, it's also important to be able to defend your point of view and embrace another one at the same time. You should understand that you don't have to change your mind if somebody doesnt like it. It's absolutely fine to think the opposite and you have a right for this. But it doesn't cancel necessity of being respectful to other views that exist.

Anyway, no doubt these traits are very important and that attract people. But we don't have all of this from birth so we must keep on developing them to change ourselves in better way.


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