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Social media interaction is important for modern teenagers. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Modern life cannot be imagined without the Internet. So, some people believe that spending time using social media is really necessary for teenagers, while others consider it to be a waste of time. Anyway, I would like to look upon this issue.

In my opinion, social networking sites give a lot of opportunities for modern teenagers, so they find it interesting and important as well.

Firstly, they can keep in touch with their friends at any time and everywhere virtually. It means that it is not necessary to see each other physically, and so modern youth is able to meet new people even all over the world. Secondly, talented teenagers can show their artworks such as pictures, photos or even music tracks to great number of other people getting feedback and inspiration to continue working.

However, some people criticize social media a lot. They claim that it is a waste of time, because young people cannot learn something new on Twitter or Instagram and only get some rest and entertainment there.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the opponents’ point of view. Nowadays you can find a lot of useful information on different social networks, for example, various courses which can teach you how to draw or cook something or give you a new useful life hack. Moreover, there are a lot of educational programmes on different school subjects which may be very helpful to students.

To sum up, though the problem of social media interactions is rather controversial, I strongly believe that they are greatly useful and important for most modern teenagers’ bright life.

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