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The growth of cities is harmful for the environment письмо (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)





Dear Alice,

Thanks for your letter. Sorry, I haven't answered earlier but I was really busy with my school. I`m glad you`re OK!

In your letter you asked me about your situation. Well, I think this isn`t your fault that Sam fell asleep. As your friend he should discuss with you his preferences in films. And, of course, it's horrible from his side to sleep at the cinema.

You know, I had some quarrels with my friends. I think it's normal when friends have some disagreements. Nothing is perfect.

So, I advise you to wait for Sam`s call. Of course, you shouldn`t offend him but to call him will be wrong.

Besides, are you ready for the exam? Are you fond of history? Will the exam be difficult?

Actually, I need to do my homework.

Take care.

Best wishes,



Nowadays many people think that appearance of a big amount of cities gradually destroys our environment. Besides, there are those who are sure that the growth of cities is necessary for humanity.

To begin with, I am convinced that huge cities harm our planet. Firstly, factories which are built because of appearing cities pollute the Earth. Secondly, skyscrapers low speed of the wind due to air stagnates. Moreover, city temperature is higher than the average temperature of a village. It causes changes in the environment.

Nevertheless, there are some people who consider that increasing the number of cities has advantages. For example, some believe that people less often ride the countryside, thus, they do not pollute nature. In addition, some people say that they use ecological materials for building their houses in cities like natural wood.

I disagree with that opinion. First of all, household waste is more harmful to our planet than if you leave some wrappers and papers. Doubtless, using natural material, for example, wood can leads to deforestation.

To sum it up, I would like to point out that any type of human activity can cause global problems. That is why we need to refer seriously to our actions. Earth is our home. We must care about our planet.


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