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Travelling abroad helps to understand your own country//Technical progress is always harmful for the environment (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Travelling abroad helps to understand your own country

Nowadays, people have an excellent opportunity to travel wherever they want.

There is a statement that travelling abroad helps to understand your own country whereas others disagree. Who is right?

In my opinion, travelling abroad is an experience that can give more than new emotions. Seeing new places, visiting different sightseeing and learning about another culture helps a person to appreciate his/her own one. You can compare them with those locations that you see in your country and make on objective opinion, find pluses and minuses of different spheres. Additionally, travelling abroad wides your outlook, so when you get back home you may change your view on different things.

However, someone can say that it is unnecessary to travel abroad to know your country.

It is needed to learn more about his own country if one wants to understand it better. One should visit all regions of his own country first before going somewhere else. The more places in the country he/she visits, the better they understand it.

Technical progress is always harmful for the environment

Nowadays, technical progress is causing big discussions. Some people believe that it effects the environment negatively, while others say that it is not. Who is right?

In my opinion, technical progress is useful. Firstly, the newest technologies are not bringing as much negative effects on the environment as it was in the past century. Scientists and physics invented a lot of equipment and systems that are save for air, trees, water and animals. Moreover, most of inventions are created to solve the problem of pollution. For example, cars that work on solar energy and electricity, recycling centres that reduce tonnes of garbage all over the world. Finally, technical progress is not always harmful for the environment because it does not impact nature. For example, digital technologies do not hurt the environment and people would not imagine their lives without it.

Although there are people who insist that technical progress is always harmful. They cannot find any positive aspect in growth of factories and increasing number of cars that are polluting our environment. Additionally, many species of animals and fish are in extinction and sympathizers of this point of view are blaming technical progress.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with this opinion. Besides of factories and cars numerous growth there are also a lot of green zones, parks and reserves for wild animals and plants. Apart from this, not even technologies are harmful for the environment. I believe that people themselves are more dangerous for nature.

In conclusion, I believe that technical progress is safe for our ecosystem if it is used in a right way.


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