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Мои друзья (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Hey. I am Peter.That is my name.I am 12 and I am learning at school in the firdth class.It is very funny becouse I have a lot of friends there. My best friend is Ivan. He is a little older than me and he is playing football very well. It is my favourite game but I play not so good. It is the reason why I am a goalkeeper.Some gays think that to be a goalkeeper is very boring but actually it is not the thruth.I and my best friend play together almost all the time but sometimes we are playing in two different teams. He can score a goal to me. After the game we are usually going to the small coffee and drink something. It is very nive place/We are talking to each other about everything. We help and support each other/It is great to have such friend.

One day we heard about the summer cump. I ask my mother and in the next summer I was there.

I had a lot of good time there and still remember a lot of good memories from this place. I find out a lot of friends there. The brightest memory from the camp is then our group was seating around the fair and one guy was telling to us scared stories.I was very afraid of them but it was so great.

I have friends at the school too. Our class is friendly. We always help to each other becouse it is just a nessersaty to learn on good marks. Our teachers agee that our class is the best. It is the result of me and my friends. After classes we are going to walk together. We are talking about everything. It is so nice to have so much friends. They help and support me.People can not live without friends.


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