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Спортлайт, ex 10 p 49, Диалог учителя и ученика. Мои интересы. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

{Спортлайт, ex 10 p 49, Диалог учителя и ученика}


Adam: Hello, can I come into classroom?

Miss Yates: Yes of course, what happened? What is your name?

Adam: My name is Adam. I am the student of 9 grade.

Miss Yates: I remember, you have interfere with lessons. You were chatting with friend and messing around. What do you want to tell me?

Adam: I realize I was srong to chat with friend. I want not do it again.

Miss Yates: It is Ok, you really do not need to apologise, but you should correct behavior.

Adam: Well, goodbye.

Miss Yates: Goodbye.

{Сочинение-рассуждение для 11 класса}

It is a good idea for child to look after a pet from a young age? In my view, children, who have a pet gain more life experience, than contemporaries.

I believe, therefore, that parents should buy pet for children.

To start with, pet requires attention, charge. Сhild should play with pet, walk, clean up after him. Moreover, pet can teach responsibility new skill.

In addition of his, сhildren, who have a pet, have strong immunity, so parents spend less money on medicine.

On the other hand, pet spend many time. Parents fear that children cannot develop (read book, write, communicate with friends).

To conclude, the way I see it, сhildren learn both responsibility and independence through pet care.

{Мои интересы}

I really like walking in unfamiliar cities. I think it is a relaxing, enjoyable pastime. I go windows shopping, look around, studying the citys life and sights. Especially, St. Petersburg was remembered me with beautiful buildings and good atmosphere. So, I have learning something new, useful for myself.

I do not fancy listen to music. I would rather watch TV or read book.

What do you tell about your interests?


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