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Письмо Organized travel is not as interesting as independent travel (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)





Dear Henry,

Thanks for your letter. Sorry, I haven't answered earlier but I was really busy with my school. I`m glad you`re OK!

In this letter you ask me about my summer plans. Firstly, I want to visit Kaliningrad. I've taken the tickets today, by the way. Also, I will go to the black sea to swim with dolphins.

My family and I are going to visit all places together. Firstly, I love parents. We have very good relationships. That's why it's a great pleasure for me to travel with them.

To be honest, I prefer to have a rest in the summer. I usually go to the aqua park, walk with my friends and do sports.

Besides, does the computer have access to the Internet? Does it have new apps? Does the computer have a microphone?

Actually, I need to do my homework.

Take care.

Best wishes,



Organized travel is not as interesting as independent travel.

Nowadays many people face a difficult decision when they discuss their plans on vacation. Many people think that travel which is arranged by an agency is time-saving. Expressively, there are others who do not agree with them. Let us start by considering the facts.

To begin with, I want to say that I prefer to travel on my own. Firstly, I have the ability to determine the stay time. For example, if I do not like a city, I can visit another place. It is undeniable that you have a possibility to feel like a local resident because you need to rent a room, to buy foods and etc. Also for the great majority of people a guide can seem annoying when he talks about sights constantly.

Nevertheless, there are some people who consider traveling with an agency is convenient. In fact, people appreciate their time. That is why they choose organized travel. Besides, others believe that they exclude the possibility of unnecessary spending of money.

My personal view is that traveling with an agency is more expensive and worthless. First of all, agency deprives of choice to control your time. Doubtless, nobody will wait if you want to spend time there a little bit longer. I am convinced traveling with agency takes more money than traveling independent.

In summary, I want to point out that tastes differ. Everyone has a right to choose the way of traveling. Somebody, who has not extra time, can tour with agency, while another prefers to go without guides and a strict schedule.


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