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Fashionable clothes are not strictly necessary for those who have a dress sense (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Now days people pay a lot of attention to the way they are dressed. Some can say, that following fashion is useless for those who have sense of style. Others, on the contrary, argue that fancy clothes are needed for everyone.

In my opinion, if you have a dress sense, you do not have to follow all trends. Firstly, being fashionable is not about having glamourous Chanel clothes. You can blow minds of people with second-hand clothes combined with great sense of style. Secondly, you can save a lot of money as fashionable clothes are really expensive. Thirdly, you are free to create your own style and not to follow trends that are told by some fashion experts. Thus, you always have the way to inspire yourself and everyone around you.

But some people disagree with this position.

They believe that people can be respected only when they are wearing fashionable clothes. Moreover, they suppose that a person feels more confident and satisfied when he can silently show everyone around that he can afford expensive clothes.

I cannot agree with this opinion. People are respected not because of what they are wearing but because of their character, actions. Besides, confidence and satisfaction are somethings you get when you love yourself, it depends on your inner peace.

To sum up, people should not be keen on fashionable clothes if it is something they cannot afford or in which they do not feel comfortable. But, after all, everyone chooses his own way of deciding what to follow – fashion or your own sense of style.


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