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He who never leaves his country is full of prejudices (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays the movement which is fighting against intolerance, racism and many other biases is constantly gaining its popularity. The supporters of this campaign claim that it is crucial for everyone to explore various cultures, mentalities and customs for getting rid of many prejudices that we have as the residents of our countries. However, it seems like the problem of biases is a double-edged sword.

It is a common opinion that the lack of travelling cannot cause the formation of any kind of beliefs without basis. Many people claim that the rapid development of the Internet and social media promote the colourful image of the whole world and there is no use in leaving your home place for discovering the truth yourself. Moreover, even when people physically stay in their fatherland they do have a chance to break the stereotypes by immersing themselves into the comprehensive education and by communicating with the foreign tourists.

However, their opponents believe that people’s dedication to their homelands may only create the base for the formation of the prejudices.

First of all, every country has its own deep-rooted national beliefs: some domestic history books may affect people’s minds and made them create a certain image of other nations based on previous international relationships and behaviour of the soldiers during the wars. Secondly, staying at one place means getting information about the global politics from the mass media, and this is the place where all the prejudices come from. The news reports tend to be nationally oriented and show only the drawbacks of the competitors. In fact, this information turns out to have nothing in common with the real economical and political situations as well as the mentality of other nations and one would never explore it unless he sees it with his own eyes.

As for me, people limited by the boarders of their countries are able to see only one side of everything. They tend to judge people according to the standards of their fatherlands and cannot accept the existence of different races, various political systems and mentalities.

In conclusion, one can become a prejudice-free person only in case of travelling and leaving the comfort-zone. People who never leave their countries base their opinion only on rumors and national beliefs and it certainly leads to stagnation and one-sided development.


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