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Travelling in your country is the best way to know about it (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

These days people are inclined to travel more than a few decades ago and the majority finds it a great way to learn lots of things about their own motherland. Others think that searching for information on the Internet might completely substitute travelling.

Personally, I reckon that travelling in your country remains the most effective way to get acquainted with its traditions. Genuine traditions and habits define many things like cuisine and festivities that tourist can get to know only by tasting it or taking part in it. What is more, travelling gives a person the overall picture of the country with all the contrasts and differences between life in busy cities and tranquil suburbs, which they can see with their own eyes.

There is another opinion stating that it is worthless to go far from your place of living to know about the country you have already been born in.

It also says that in any other town or city you will be immersed in the same atmosphere as at home and nothing will change greatly.

However, I do not share this opinion. Most of the countries, even the small ones, are multicultural. It means that they contain many regions, which can have big discrepancies between each other, so while travelling in your own country you possibly can have a sudden feeling like being abroad.

To conclude, travelling is doubtlessly the best way to learn something new about your country. No matter, what modern technologies can convey us instead, a picture is worth a thousand words.


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