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Some parents think that if there is a computer at home their children will waste much of their time on videogames and social networking (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays computers have really gained popularity all over the world. Some people believe a computer takes a lot of time.I t is a controversial issue to be discussed.

In my opinion , computer is a useful machine , because it gives us new opportunities. Firstly , we get much information trough computers and the Internet , which helps us in our lives.We can find out

everything we are interested in.I think it is very convenient.An other reason to have a computer is communication with family and friends.You can communicate from anywhere in the world with them.Last but not least , a computer is needed for education.Teenagers improve their skills with online courses , also they can educate themselves by watching different videos.

On the other hand , there are people who think a computer is an "evil".They consider this machine has a bad influence on health.In other words , it destroys your brain and you become addicted to this electronic device. Also you suffer from the shortage of time for other useful things and forget about everything.

It is hard to totally disagree with the opponents' opinion ,but I think it all depends on people.First of all , computers do not affect our health so much today as new technologies make them safer and environmentally friendly.Secondly , only people can stop themselves not to waste time.

f you are disorganized , nothing can save you prion other addictions.

In conclusion , I want to say a computer has become a necessary part of our lives and we should use it in a right way and not to waste tome vainly.


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