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«The Internet is the greatest time-waster» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

"The Internet is the greatest time-waster"

Nowadays, people are getting more and more concerned about spending too much time on the Internet. Some people believe that the Internet is the really useful thing in our modern life, while others claim that it is just a way to relax, to spend your time with pleasure only.

In my opinion, today we cannot imagine our weekday and life at all without computers and the biggest worldwide communication network, and we should use it wisely. Firstly, it facilitates various everyday problems, for example, to find a recipe or the nearest bakery. Secondly, it is the easiest way to communicate: if you need to connect with your relatives, who are living in another part of Mainland, you just need to click on the button. Moreover, the Internet can help you with your education either find more information about The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World or sign up for courses and different seminars to improve your skills.

However, the most people choose it for distraction because it is the best pastime.

Playing games, watching films and just surfing the Internet all day long, they have fun; let them forget about hassles for a while.

Eventually, this activity becomes a single purpose of their existence.

But personally, I do not include the statement above mentioned. I think, this way of life necessarily becomes Internet addiction. These people will try to avoid real communication and in this way they start to lead a passive life.

In summary, I believe that the Internet is an enormous storehouse of knowledge and facilities for your self-development only then you know how to use it.


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