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Teenagers, their problems and bad habits (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays teenage problems are one of the most actual issues in our society. Some people worry about teenagers’ health and lives but teenagers do not listen to them.

To my mind, spreading of alcohol, drugs and tobacco is an awful thing. To begin with, it can cause lots of different diseases so giving up these habits can save a teenager’s health. Moreover, violence of young people is a terrible thing as teenagers can even break the law. Furthermore, AIDS is a fatal disease so teenager’s life can be broken because of it.

Nevertheless, not all people share my point of view. Young people claim that they cannot resist trying drugs, alcohol or cigarettes because of their youth. They also say that they are bored and have nothing to do.

I am afraid I cannot agree these people here as I think that all actions that teenagers do definitely influence their future. It is not pleasant to realise that young man breaks his life. I am also convinced that if a teenager is bored, he does not need to try alcohol, drugs or tobacco. There are so many things to do! Young people can do sports, walk in the parks or have different hobbies.

To sum it all up, as you see the problem has two sides and is a complicated one. As for me, I still think that teenage problems should not be ignored. We need to save a future of young generation.


1) Read the title of the essay and try to remind as many arguments for both opinions as possible;

2) Try to define where there are more arguments and for which of them you can make up a contre argument;

3) Learn the structure and put your arguments into it.


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