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Frienship is the greatest gift in our life Sports (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays many people consider friendship to be of the greatest gift of our life. Others disagree and claim that the importance of friendship is overestimated.

In my opinion friendship is one of the best things our life has to offer. First of all, friends are the ones to support us when we feel bad, the ones to give us a helping hand. Friends are people we can rely on. Secondly, It is quite challenging to find right people to be by our side when we really need it. We can be acquainted with lots of different people, but only friends can reach out to us. That is why friendship should be really appreciated.

However, some people don’t think that friendship is that important. They say that we cannot fully rely on the other people and we should always depend on ourselves.

Some people find friendship unnecessary as they are not able to support other people or change their character for somebody. They claim that dependence makes people weak.

I cannot agree to this point of view. Firstly, we can truly trust those ones who love us and the ones we love as they only wish the best for us. Secondly, it’s easier to share the moments of joy and grief with the ones who supports us.

In conclusion, I would like to say that friendship truly is the greatest gift we have in our life. Friends can always make us feel better even if we feel enormously bad


Nowadays people do sports more and more. Some people support the idea that doing team sports is more useful for building a strong character than doing individual sports, however, others disagree with this opinion.

As for me, doing sports in groups is more helpful than training your skills individually. First of all, team sports develop your teamwork skills that is why you will understand your partner better without words. Secondly, interaction with other players make you and people around more kind and responsive which undoubtedly improve your communicative skills a lot.

However, some people have another point of view. They say that team sports are useless for building a strong character because if you want to try your best and reach your individual goals, you should do only individual sports.

Taking into account the reason introduced above, I still disagree with it as I strongly believe that team sports make sportsman more successful as you will always be in charge of the result.

To sum up, I would say that training sports in groups make person’s character stronger. It develops responsibility, teamwork and communicative skills.


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