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Friendship is one of the greatest gift of life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Some people cannot imagine their lives without friendship, they consider that friends are as important people as relatives, but others do not believe in real friendship,they are sure that we do not need any friends.

In my opinion, friendship is one of the best things in life of any person. Firstly,it is very important to have a person that you can rely on,who supports you in any situation,shares your happiness,helps you to solve problems. Secondly, if you have friends you will never feel lonely,you will always have someone to spend time with. Moreover, sometimes friends are the only people whom you can trust your secrets,plans and dreams.

Nevertheless there are people who say, that having friends is unnecessary. To their mind friends are people who change during life and they will not always be with you, and one day you can just stop talking to each other. Additionally, friendship can distract you from your family, studying or career.

But I cannot agree with this point of you,because I strongly believe,that true friendship has no end.

Even if your friend is not with you,your common memories will always make you smile. Besides, your friend will never leave you,he will always understand,support and help you, but I mean a real friend.

To sum up,I would like to say that friendship is really the greatest gift of life and if you have found a person, who you can call “best friend” ,be happy and try to save your connection forever.


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