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People pay too much attention to learning English nowadays (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

One issue that has caused a lot of controversy over the years is whether people give an exceeding value to knowing the English language these days or not. While some believe we should not attach too much importance to learning it, others state that studying English should be of prime importance. Let us consider both opinions in more detail.

To my mind, it is never bad to pay attention to learning languages, especially English. First of all, its knowledge is required for almost every good job position in various parts of the world, therefore, it offers an employee better career prospects and gives them an unquestionable advantage. Secondly, English is indispensable for communication around the world as it is spoken all over the globe, so knowing it is essential.

However, some people disagree. They are convinced that an imprudent concentration on studying the language has lead to globalization and a partial loss of countries’ identities.

Also, they say other tongues are just as essential to know.

Still I cannot share this opinion. Although the ubiquitous learning of English does have some drawbacks just like any other occurrence, it also has positive effects. It may lead to globalization, but it also promotes cooperation of countries. Without a doubt, if a person has an opportunity to learn other foreign languages, they should go for it, but English is the most important of them all.

To conclude, despite all the mentioned above, I still believe it is significant that everyone studies English. Not only does it help in career, but also in daily life.


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