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There are more good things than bad things about the future (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Today every person started to think about scientific and technological progress in life particularly about the future which has some benefits and disadvantages. Most of people claim that there are only positive things about the future progress. However, some people believe only in destroying the future life of humans.

I personally think that future has only optimistic aspects. Nowadays modern development of medicine allows us to create biotech organs which we can replace. In fact, it helps us to heal serious diseases and injuries. Besides, technologies let us to communicate with people from others countries and continents. In fact, humans can do business via the Internet using social networks like «Skype» or messengers like «Whats App» or «Viber». Moreover, there are wide choice of electric appliances like microwave ovens and washing machines which make our house work easier.

However, some people think that there are many disadvantages of future. Firstly, the invention of nuclear weapons can lead to global wars and the destruction of the humanity. Secondly, a lot of people prefer to communicate through the social networks because it is easy to meet new identities.

Anyway, I disagree with this opinion. Communicating via the Internet people started to forget about real feelings and emotions what is why people do not meet each other as often as they did it in the past. As for global problems, people are using synthetic materials which will give an opportunity to replace natural sources of energy thus reduce pollution on the Earth.

Summing up, despite the opinion of some people I believe that future will differ from our expectations but it will be more comfortable for humans if every person can contribute useful case to our common future and make it better.


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