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People sometimes must do things that they do not enjoy doing (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

All of us have many things to do in everyday life. Some people believe that sometimes there is no need to do something that one does not want to do while others claim that everyone from time to time has to carry out things which are not attractive to him. Now I will express my opinion on this issue.

Personally, I am convinced that occasionally it is necessary to do something that a person is not interested in. Firstly, nobody will do things for you. For example, if a man does not want to go to the store to buy food, no one can do this for him. Secondly, a person cannot live in his flat without some unpleasant chores. For instance, cleaning the house is not an enjoyable thing to do. Consequently, one should do things even if he does not want because otherwise, he will live in an uncomfortable and homey place.

Nevertheless, some people consider that in some cases if one does not enjoy doing something he should not do this.

Life is too short so everyone needs to always have a good time and not waste time on unattractive things.

However, I cannot agree with the opposing opinion. Everyone has his own duties and without doing them a person’s life loses its significance.

In conclusion, despite the fact that there is an opposing opinion, I still believe that sometimes it is really important to do things which a man is not involved in. probably, it would be hard to live if everybody forgot about their responsibilities.


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