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Digital literacy is a key to success in any occupation для примера (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, more employees in many jobs are taking the necessity of being educated to be able to work with computers. Some are used to studying it without any causes while others consider that being digitally taught gives a wide choice to be successful. Personally, I identify with the second opinion.

To start with, I reckon all of the young generations tend to get a well-paid job. Thus the point is they are involved in a particular education process where they deal with various skills to perform in the modern digital world. Such intentions provide successful people with offerings from prestigious employers. Moreover, if a young person has made up his mind in advance and starts broadening his scope in a computer technology at school or in a university it will save time and money spent on the future prosperity of career.

However, some people claim that there are extra variants to be successful and gain welfare instead of wasting time on a nontraditional form of literacy.

Those who are engaged in education consider that the agriculture industry is the most profitable sphere in the future to succeed. They want to be eco-friendly and successful at the same time for the future generation.

Nevertheless, I cannot share this opinion. In any case, populations of most developed countries are moving to the era of new innovations and development in a computer industry. Therefore, residents of them are to understand the importance of sophisticated equipment to up-to-the-date. Indeed, this does not replace the method of traditional literacy but it creates additional skills to be developed.

All in all, I firmly believe that using technology in everyday life plays an essential role to be productive in any activity.


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