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To follow a diet or not? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

To follow a diet or not?

Nowadays people live in a busy world, in which they don’t have much time to do sports in order to keep fit. Therefore diets have taken off. Some people claim that following a diet might be very beneficial, while others argue that going on a diet is not the best way of keeping slim. In this essay I will express my point of view on this issue.

As far as I am concerned, diets are advantageous for both: physical and psychological condition. Firstly, people are given a wonderful opportunity to keep fit thanks to the diets, which are free of fats. Secondly, be following a diet a person improves his health. It is a fact that a good diet should contain all vitamins, minerals and fiber. Thirdly, diets teach people a discipline in a world full of choice.

However, other people are against diets.

It is said that healthy and organic food, of which diets consist, are expensive. What is more, following a diet might be very time demanding. People should plan their menu for a week and cook everything by themselves.

Although these arguments might seem reasonable, I still think that diets are not so difficult to follow. Today people are given a big choice of shops where they can find healthy food depending on their budget. Furthermore, people can use services of the cooked food with delivery. This might make following a diet easier.

All things considered, though for some people diets are too pricy and time-consuming, I strongly believe that they are very helpful in terms of loosing weight, being a healthy and a disciplined person.


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