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Nowadays every person has a talent in the certain spheres.There are many people who are convinced that it is the key to success.However, other people think that hard work plays the most important role in your achievements.

In my opinion, the discipline is a step to success.There are many things that can prove my point of view.Firstly, if you even do not have a talent in a particular field, you can compensate it with hard work.Secondly, purposeful people have to do their work in the best way.Finally, these people are constantly developing their abilities.There is no chance that they will regress.

My opponents can say that it is impossible to gain success without a talent.To their mind, you can become a remarkable person only thanks natural abilities.People with opposite point of view are convinced that it is very long and hard to achieve the desired result without a gift.

Nevertheless, I insist on my opinion.From my point of wiew, these people fail to understand that you have to constantly work on yourself.In another case, your talent is worthless.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is very important to work hard if you want to become a successful person.




Dear Tom,

Thank you for your letter. I was glad to hear from you again. I hope that you did not have accidents.

In your letter you asked me about our beautiful water sights in Russia.. First of all, it is the Baikal lake. It looks very amazing, greatful and powerful. There is a good opportunity to relax there. I’am sure that it will be interesting for you. Our Russian sights are the best in the world. Besides, there is a very wonderful nature .I want to enjoy it again and again.Well, I think that extreme sports are very dangerous for me. There many accidents when people injured or even die doing extreme sports.It is a pity.I care about my safety and health.So, I think that my life is more valuable than shark sensation.In my opinion, you can find a lot of other sport actiivities that less dangerous than extreme.For example, I would prefer to play basketball.It is a great opportunity to improve your health without a risk.However, , It is only my point of view.

Anyway, you have mentioned about your plans.It is the right decision to spend your time actively.You can get a lot of benefits from it.I hopethat one day I can join to you.How often do you go abroad?What do you take with you?What hotel did you choose?Do you go with your parents or not?

Write back soon.

Best wishes,



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