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Nowadays it has become very popular to communicate via the Internet. There are many people who are convinced that it is the best way for communication. However, other people believe that it has a bad influence on our social skills.

In my opinion, the Internet is a good helper in communication.There are many things that can prove my point of view.Firstly, you can find a lot of new friends.It is very hard to find the right people in real life.Secondly, if there is no a direct contact, you feel more confident.You can openly talk about anything.Finally, it is free.There is a large number of social networks that can allow you to communicate with people from all over the world.You are not paing for it all.

My opponents can say that virtual communication is something terrible.To their mind, when we communicate in the Internet, we lose our social skills.These people are convinced that the Internet causes a social isolation.If you even have a virtual friend, you still feel lonely.Moreover, people with opposite point of view think that it can become an addiction.You spend all your time without benefits.

Nevertheless, I insist on my opinion.From my point of view, it can be impossible to find a good friend in a real life.There is a limited circle of people.Therefore, it is difficult to find a person with the same interests like you.It is better to communicate with someone in the Internet than do not have friends at all.Moreover, you should learn how to control yourself.It is possible to stop in time.There are many other interesting activities apart from the Internet.For example, you can do sports.

In conclusion, I would like to say that virtual communication can be good if you do it wisely.It is a normal part of our modern life.


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