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«Every city and every town should have a zoo» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Lots of people, especially children, enjoy visiting zoos. It is possible to do in a big city but people who live in small towns or villages do not have such an opportunity. The question is if it is necessary to have zoos everywhere. Some people are for and some are against.

I am strongly convinced that there is no need to build zoos in every places of people’s living. Firstly, small towns cannot provide proper conditions for keeping wild animals, particularly, exotic ones. Animals would be kept in small cages without the food they get used to. I think it is cruel. Secondly, it is financially difficult for a small town to have a zoo, as the local authorities should provide not only natural conditions but highly qualified staff to look after the animals.

Moreover, in a small town there are not enough people who would like or even able to pay money for visiting the zoo.

However, there are people, who have another point of view. They are sure that endangered animals of their region can be saved if they are put in a local zoo. Besides, they believe that zoos are not only funny attractions but also a kind of education. They give positive emotions, useful and interesting live information.

I cannot fully agree with them because it is better to organise national parks to protect local endangered animals. As for the educational reasons, of course, to watch living creatures is much better than to see illustrations in books. Nevertheless, think about poor animals. Some tropical ones such as giraffes or crocodiles cannot stand low temperatures. They suffer. Therefore, if you want to learn more about wild and exotic animals, there are a lot of opportunities to do that. For example, watching videos or reading books.

In conclusion, I must say that building a zoo is a great responsibility, which requires a lot of money and skilful specialists. Only a big city can afford it. A visit of a zoo in a big city could be a great event in your life.


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