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Досрочный экзамен 2018 эссе «It is wrong to make pupils read a lot in summer» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is an opinion that pupils do not read much nowadays. That is why some teachers and parents try to force children to read in summer when they have got more free time. But some do not like this idea.

As for me I am not against summer reading. It can be enjoyable, especially if nothing distracts you from this activity. For some students summer reading is not a problem if they are academically minded. They understand that reading broadens their mind and vocabulary. Moreover it will help them in their further study during the school year. And, of course, they do not forget about passing exams. Everybody knows that reading helps improve spelling and memory.

But there is certainly another view of the problem.

Some peoople say that they can not imagine what is worse: to be a child with a huge summer reading assignment or to be a parent who has to make his or her child read all these books. The fight usually lasts the whole summer. It happens because children are getting tired of school and reading textbooks by the end of a school year and want only to relax playing computer games or spending time outdoors. Very often their parents support them in this position.

However, I cannot fully agree with this point of view. In my opinion summer reading is important and can vary traditional free time activities. It will happen if adults present summer reading the right way to their children. For example, they could give them any prizes for reading such as one book earns one new computer game. Or perhaps family reading could solve the problem.

To sum up, reading will not ruin summer holidays and people's nerves, it will not kill a love of reading if it is arranged reasonably.


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