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ПОЛНЫЙ ТЕКСТ Which of the following is TRUE about the beginning of Sandra’s career? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Which of the following is TRUE about the beginning of Sandra’s career?


She started with several sitcoms.


She thinks her roles were very good.


Her first film was a major success.

What does Sandra say about her role in the film ‘Winter’?


She had to play a complicated personage.


She was nominated for Oscar for it.


She had to accept a lot of criticism for it.

: To start Hello everybody and welcome to our daily program. Five minutes were the star. Today we have Sandra Smith with us. A young heroine of the smashing blockbuster winter. Hi Sandra.

: Good afternoon. It's a pleasure to be here with you today.

: So my first question is what were the first steps of your career.

: Obviously your role in winter was your first one was it of course that I've played in a number of smaller scale films but are there more high quality stuff. The stuff for which careers are made I got noticed after spending three seasons in a sitcom playing a disobedient daughter. Now critics say my work in winter portraying a character who is once youthful innocent maternal childlike compassionate and with an almost poetic restraint has signaled my true arrival.

These comments have inspired some not so subtle murmurs of Oscar worthiness along with them.

: So what's your story right now. Are you headed off to do another movie.

: I've got a bunch of things going on and doing a movie called the house. But you know whenever I really want a pirate I'm not sure what to do. How do I let the director know how obsessed staying am willing to do anything for the movie. Once I rode a director a handwritten note. But I'm afraid to scare directors are fifth. My behavior is too straightforward.

: I don't think that should scare directors off.

: If I were then it wouldn't scare me off. Definitely not. I think if anybody comes to you and says I'd like to be in your film it's never good to dismiss them or make fun of them because they are passionate and driven enough. They very well might find a way to be in your fun.

: I see when you go from movie to movie do you do so with a larger plan in mind. Or is it really just about what speaks to you on a given moment. Both.

: I mean I'd like to think that I have a plan but you can't really pick which scripts you're going to get. A movie is going to come along so I'll have the idea of like well maybe I should do something lighter now or maybe I need to do something with a bigger budget. It's more about whatever script speaks steel and whatever it is available to you in any given moment because you don't really have the kind of control where you complain. But I suppose you can have a general idea of where you want to go.

: Can you see any pattern in the choices you've made and the parts you've been attracted to.

: Yeah they are all dark and I think there is something of an artistic value about them. I know certain roles are important to me. I know that I really want to play them and I know I can do a good job. It's just I can't put it into words and it may seem it's an accident and actually none of it is an accident really that may disappoint your friends. I dont want to disappoint people. Maybe I should just say OK now in 10 years I honestly think there's something to being curious about anyone's choices. Sometimes you really don't understand why something is important to you until you get halfway through the movie or maybe even all the way through or until you see the finished film like it was with the film winter.

: And finally what do you like about winter guard.

: I love that movie. It's just such a beautiful film. I love the fact that there isn't this big Nereid of playact. It allows the characters life to sort of unfold in front of the camera.

: Thank you Sandra.


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