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The beginning of a thunderstorm (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It was summer in the yard. For many days the scorching sun's rays exhausted everything around. Under their fierce onslaught, the green meadow and field grasses withered, the branches of the trees wilted sorrowfully, the birds sang not so loudly as usual, but people seemed to suffocate in the heat. It seemed that very little - and everything withered, and without waiting for a rain of rain.

That day was as hot as all the previous ones. I decided to take a walk with my friends. We talked so passionately about each other that we did not even notice how the usual blue sky darkened, it became some formidable, heavy. The sun disappeared behind a huge black cloud. But all this I saw only when I felt the cold touch of a normally gentle wind on my skin.

There was a deafening thunder. From somewhere far away he was echoed by another, no less formidable raskat. A lightning flashed nearby, cutting the darkened sky like a sharp knife. We rushed headlong to my house, fearing such wildness of nature. And did not have time ...

The downpour went down. It seemed to us that it was someone pouring water on us from above. Yes, it was a real thunderstorm, the first this summer! The house was still quite far away, but there was nowhere to hide. We all even got a little scared. The rain was stormy, like a mountain waterfall, the water was all around. We continued to run, now at random, because nothing was visible. Lightnings were still sparkling, illuminating the neighborhood, but the thunder was almost inaudible.

Suddenly the rain turned into a small, whispering rain. We finally arrived at your destination. Opening the door, they ran into my house, thoroughly wet. Out of curiosity, I and my friends clung their noses to the window, carefully watching the weather on the street. The rain slammed softly with his wet hands over the slate of the roof.

And then it ended, as if it were not at all. Memories of it were only huge puddles, water drained from the roof, wet trees and grass and fresh air.

Nature came to life. All rejoiced, happy long-awaited rain. We ran out into the street with joy and saw a rainbow. This is an unforgettable sight and a vivid impression.

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