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Sandra has been friends with Anna for a long time. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


Sandra has been friends with Anna for a long time.


Jim and Anna have good relations at the moment.


Jim feels guilty about his behavior towards Anna.


Jim has a full-time job.


Jim thinks gift certificates don’t make a good present.


Sandra has already bought a present for Anna.


Jim and Sandra are going shopping tonight.

: Now we're ready to start hi Jim how are you getting on.

: Oh hi Sinderen. It's so nice to see you. I'm okay. More or less.

: You look so deep and quiet. What's up.

: Can I help you with something actually that might be in I'd have better idea. You know it's my sister Ana's birthday next week.

: Don't I know it we're best friends.

: That's why I need your expertise. I really want to give her a good present a really good one but I don't know what I can give her rate.

: So you've stopped quarrelling over every little thing. I'm happy to hear that.

: Yeah. You know all these conflicts were because of me. I'm a stubborn guy you know but I have finally realized I've been doing the wrong thing and I just want to say sorry.

: Why don't you just say so.

: I have. It's just I want to do something more to make up for my behavior. You know she has been grounded several times because of me and staying at home for weeks as neither nice thing okay.

: It's a good decision anyway. So how much money have you got enough.

: I've been saving pocket money. Besides you know I have jobs now and then I get paid.

: I see well she should uncurse medics and she'd be happy to get some. I can help you choose or you can just give her a gift certificate and she'll go shopping herself.

: Now I dont think it's a good idea. It won't leave a lasting memory. Eventually she'll throw these things away because they've expired or just finished.

: So maybe you can give her a collection of her favourite films or books or C.D.. There would be a memorable present year.

: That sounds like a great idea. The only problem is I dont know which ones are her favourites in the Sharpstown have gift certificates as were all.

: You forgot about me. I can go shopping with you or I can write a list and you'll be fine shopping on your own.

: I'd be grateful if you made up a list. Shopping can be time consuming and you've already helped me so much. I dont want to take up more of your time.

: It sat for a year from my best friend remember. Besides I need to go shopping.

: Anyway I've had to buy a present to feel okay I give up on that. When shall we go.

: How about tomorrow night.

: Sounds good to me. Give me a ring OK.


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