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The benefits of recycling are questionable (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


The benefits of recycling are questionable.


Recycling is an inconvenience.


Recycling should be profitable for people.


We possess more things than we need.


Recycling is about reusing what we have.


Recycling is the government’s issue.


Wealth allows people not to recycle.

: Now we are ready to start speaker a.

: I'll probably get a lot of disagreement but I'll say that the media pressures us into recycling. Well I'm willing to take unwanted clothing and books to the local charity shop. I'm not happy to walk or drive far to take bottles newspapers tins batteries to some collection bank. If there was a collection on my doorstep I would be happy to comply. But why should we spend time and energy doing it ourselves.

: I mean my recycling collection bank is miles away from my home speaker be.

: There is no excuse for not recycling.

If you are in the UK all you have to do is put the stuff in a black box and put it outside. Every other week even the box is given for free. I enjoy recycling. It's not really about saving it energy because it does not but it's about using things again and again so they don't need to be dumped into a landfill and more trees are not chopped down.

: Governments also need to make recycling easier speaker see recycling becomes a good way of life for those who are not too busy.

: It is what people have done throughout history. There is a saying waste not want not. It was only recently that people in developed countries thought they could live without recycling.Я получил недавно письмо, в котором школьница пишет I believe it's because buying new things is a lot faster than trying to fix the old ones when money isn't an issue.

: People prefer to stop by the store and pick up what they need speaker de.

: In some ways I agree that we should recycle but in others I dont. We separate plastic from paper and metal but the garbage collection person puts them all into one container. Why do we have different boxes then when I go shopping. I think of carrier bags. Why can't the shops go back to paper bags like they used to do. Most people don't reuse their plastic bags when I take my bottles to a recycling center. I pollute the air with car exhaust fumes for these reasons. Recycling is not worth it.

: Speaker I completely agree with recycling.

: I think society wastes too much at the moment. I think we should recycle more for our descendants so that there will be enough resources for them. Also we live in a must have society which I am also guilty of.Биография Пушкина для начальных классов. For instance I own more than 700 DVD. I rarely watch any of them. They take up unnecessary space in my house and the materials they are made from could have been used for something else. Speaker f

: I think more people would recycle if they could get more money from it if I was able to take let's say all my cardboard to a waste recycling center and they refunded me per kilo of cardboard. I would naturally try to save all my boxes and turn them in another positive way forward is for supermarkets to sell products by the kilo into customer's own containers. There'd be no wasted packaging and the products would be cheaper.


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