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Задание 40. Opinion essay. The unemployed should not recieve state benefits. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The unemployed should not recieve state benefits.

Nowadays some people maintain the idea that social support from the government is an inefficient way to improve the well-being of jobless citizens. Others cosider that providing material aid to nonworking people is the central task of the state.

To my mind, I agree that people who have never worked have no rights to levy from the state a livelihood. Firstly, their parasitic existence shows everyone that in order to live it is not necessary to strain, because the government will ensure your life.

Consequently, unemployment is becoming a common phenomenon that can destroy the economy of the nation. Besides, the provision of money for all nonworkers requires high expenses, which could be invested in such important sectors as education and health. Thus, development of these departments affects welfare improvement more than social payments.

However, others are sure that lack of state support for the unemployed means the abolition of the pension system. Hence, the aged will be without "bread and butter", that it seems inhuman.

Nevertheless, I think the cancell of pensions should be accompained by a series of reforms that allow older people to live in prosperity. For example, a person have to open a bank account, for which the employer must invest a percentage of the employee`s salary monthy. In contrast to the pension fund, this account will have as much money, as person really earned and which he can bequeath.

To conclude, I am sure that a person shoud benefit for mankind, and not to be a parasite on its body.


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