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Even a useful gift can cause health problems. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


Even a useful gift can cause health problems.


One device becomes a substitute for many objects.


Some people seldom use the main function of their phone.


The world of technology is hard to navigate.


Time away from gadgets allows for a more active lifestyle.


A device should not distract you from what’s happening close by.


A fast-changing device fashion is frustrating.

: You know I'll have my smartphone I go everywhere with it and when I am at home it is somewhere on my desk or under my pillow.

: My parents also have their phones so they don't mind that I spend so much time on my phone.

: They do it themselves all the time. I chat with friends online search for answers to my homework watch some videos and of course check Facebook.

: I need by phone for all these things do I use it for making calls really speaker B.

: I am not really into different gadgets. I've got a regular phone that serves my needs well and I have a laptop that helps me do my work for school. Of course I use the Internet for school research and to keep up with friends but I do that on my laptop not my phone. Some people are really plugged into their mobile devices. But I like the freedom to look around and observe what's going on around me.

: I can't understand those people who never put their phone down speaker.

: See my son is always staring at the screen on his phone. We got him this phone for Christmas thinking it would be useful for him. Bert it turned out he spends all of his time playing games on it. His eyesight has gone bad so we went to see a specialist and he limited my son's screen time to an hour a day but it did no good.

: My son continues to play games saying that he'd fall behind his friends and lose at the games if he didn't continue speaker de.

: Call me crazy but I decided to take a break from all electronic devices I've put away my phone laptop and iPod after I did that I was actually shocked at how much free time I had. I realised that I'd spend literally hours hooked to these gadgets but now I have time for sport and outdoors. I started meeting people in real life not in virtual reality meaningful conversation happens when you see a person's eyes not his or her avatar speaker he.

: I don't understand people who say that we can live without electronics. It's simply not possible. Our world operates by using all these devices. I love having my internet connection when I am travelling. For example a map a list of restaurants a translator a camera. Those things are all in one small piece of equipment that fits into my hand. That's great if you ask me who needs heavy guidebooks anymore. When you can have it in your phone or your iPod speaker f

: I have nothing against modern day technology. It is just a part of life a part of our world. What I have an issue with is the speed with which new models of devices appear on the market and the price they have before we are done using all the resources of our new phone a new model is released and then we feel like our phone is old and we need to change it. People spend so much money to keep up with trends. It's annoying.


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