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по разделам «Food and Health» и «Career» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

1. "Governments should limit the size of sugary drink containers in order to improve public health"

It is common knowledge that sugar is bad for human's health. It will be good if the size of sugar in drinks become lower.

I can't but agree that governments should limit the size of sugary drink containers. Firstly, sugar harms people and it is the reason of a lot of different diseases. Most of them are really dangerous and human can even die because of them.

Secondly, some people say that sugar is very important and lack of it is dangerous too, but sugar from drinks, sweets and stuff like that is unnecessary.

We can get "good sugar" from fruits and it will not have bad influence. Moreover, it will have a good effect on people's health, because it has vitamins.

Some people have different point of view. They do not support the idea of limiting the size of sugary drink containers. In their view it is bad idea, because they think people can decide what to do by their own. If you do not want to drink something with sugar you do not buy it. That's good point, but I do not think that governments should let people literally kill themselves with it. And some people cannot give up eating sugary things because they are addicted.

In conclusion I can say that people should not consume a lot of sugar and it will be pretty good if the government helps them with it.

2. "People shouldn't be allowed to work from home because it's less productive than being in the office"

Some people believe that employees, who work from home do less part of job than they can do in the office. Let's speculate what makes them think so.

I do not share the above-given view. First of all, humans' productiveness demands only on them. If you cannot make yourself to do many things at home, you will not do much in the office. Secondly, I think if people chose working at home they know that they can work more productive there. Not infrequently way to work takes a lot of time and energy, so people get tired and they do not work as good as they could while staying at home. Working from home is much more comfortable for many people, because they can organize everything like they want and be more productive because of the plans.

Some opponents might argue that people can perform duties only under enteral control and in working environment.

It goes without saying that they are right, but it is not true for all of the people. I guess to each his own.

Taking everything into account I can say that people, who work from home are not less productive than office workers and it is only about humans' personalities, behaviors and preferences. There is no need to forbid it.


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