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Задание 40. Opinion essay. Nature is powerful enough to oppose any harmful human interference. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nature is powerful enough to oppose any harmful human interference.

Ecological problems have caused lots of contraversary over the years. And sjme people are sure that despite the negative influence of the mankind on nature, it is capable of regeneration. However, others believe that humanity is the main reason of the Earth`s extinction. Let us try to look upon this issue. (53 words)

As far as I am concerned, I agree that the forces of nature have limits.

If a hunded years ago it could confront the expences of human development, today the planet is slowly dying. Firstly, few of the owners of large enterprices from developing and catching up countries take care of the environment. Annually, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by only Chinese factories account for about 30% of all emissions. Secondly, lack of people`s commitment in preserving resources affects the volume of their extraction. It is caused by the weakness and poor support of organisations that are fighting for ecology and appealing to restraint of exploitation of nature. (109 words)

Nevertheless, some people put forward the view that the Earth has overcome the Ice age, fall of meteriorites and change of poles. Hence, the influence of men is not the greatest catastrophe. (33 words)

However, I can not agree with the opposing opinion. All the natural disasters were pernicious for lots of ancient creatures. Who knows, maybe we are next extinction representatives? (28 words)

To conclude, I would like to mention that our nature is the most valuable treasure donated us. It is a people`s duty to guard its beauty. (26 words)

All words: 249.


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