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Nature is powerful enough to oppose any harmful human interference (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The ability of nature to survive in the conditions of intensive pollution has been the subject of heated debate for decades. Some people think that it is critically important to do everything possible to protect the ambient environment. However, others argue saying that nature has enough power to protect itself.

My opinion is that nature must be protected from human activity. Firstly, people chop down a lot of trees for their needs, which results in the depletion of oxygen concentration in the air. Secondly, solid waste disposal, industrial effluents and emissions can destroy water resources and atmosphere irreversibly unless the necessary treatment is provided.

However, there are those who think otherwise. They are sure that Earth habitat is able to get accustomed to anthropogenic impact owing to self-purification capacity and does not need any protection.

They also believe that natural calamities, though it may sound paradoxical, protect nature to some extent destroying man-made facilities harmful for the environment.

I disagree with the above arguments. I insist that toxic wastes and fume gases have a very strong effect on all the compartments of the environment and the statement that nature is able to cope with pollution without being helped is not grounded. Also, natural disasters never compensate for the harm people impose on nature. Moreover, being exposed to them, the environment gets additional stress.

To sum up, I am definitely sure that the destructive effect of technological progress including deforestation and global pollution is getting stronger day after day and the planet will soon turn into a desert if people do not change their attitude to environmental protection.


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