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The problem of the generation gap / Проблема конфликтов поколений (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Question: Some people believe that it is impossible to overcome differences between members of different generstions.

There is no doubt that the ptoblem of controversary between members of different generations is one of the most pressing issues over the years.I would like to express my opinion on this problem.

My personal view is that the distinction between generations can be overcome.A soft and careful approach from a parent to a child can melt the ice misunderstanding between them and bridge the generation gap.Besides, if a parent goes with the times, he can easily meet his teen child halway.Consequently, a modern parent will not any problems with members of subsequent generations, for instance, with his children.

Nevertheless, some people consider that the problem of the generation gap can not be easily solved.They insist on the fact that all of teenagers are ill-mannered and disobedient.Moreover, every attempt to give a helping hand to them ends unsuccessfully.

Personally, i strongly object to this statement.I believe that an understanding attitude to children always works well.I am sure that not lecturing an adolescent, but developing his personal point of view is the best medicine for the illness of the generation gap/

Taking into consideration all mentioned above facts, I think that every difficult problem has an easy solution.Hence, if we try to pay more attention to particulary this issue, we will overcome it.


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