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Some people focused on building a successful career while others choose to start a family (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Everyone has their own attitudes on life and goals. All of us try to find one's place in the world. Some people dream about career, another dicede to follow one's vocation and also there are people who ponder about creating domestic comfort.

On the one hand some people are focused on a successful career. Firstly, a lot of them understand that creating a family is not easy.It requires some preparation. And many believe that before you start a family and take responsibility for other people you need to stand on your feet, persue a career.You closers will be poor and sad when you make both ends meet. Secondly, some persons are sure that they should follow true-calling and makes a dreams a reality. And they understand that family can become a challange with many responsibilities and worries such as managing the household budget.

Also some of them have no time for family, when they start one's own business. A lot of the people of art and successful businessmen prefer to be lonely and to be craze with their work.

But on the other hand i am sure that family is imortant part of human's life. Your relatives can help you to overcome obstakles, not to lose your heart. For some pople home hearth is the key to happy life. In any case, the family is a support that will help you to overcome difficulties, and share joy and grief. It is a fact that folks are happy persons, which understand true-values.

In my opinion we need to take care about future of our soul-mates and children. There is no doubt that You can't just start a family. We need to understand the importance of this step. But also we can't spend all our life counting and saving money, taking care about prestige. It can lead us to miserable being and we will become robots-machines.


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