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The film I recommend (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

If you really enjoy a history drama and you want a great watch, you can`t do better than "Saving Private Ryan". It was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1990s and the strength of the film lies in a really impressive atmosphere of the Second World War.

The main setting is Normand, France. The film starts with the sceneries of Omaha Beach in "Day-D" (the 6th of June). After the fight a commander of USA maribe troops batalion gets an order to establish a group of experienced soldiers and find a Private Ryan. That all happens because of a strict rule in France, that if a family loses all children except the one in a war, the last must be found and sent back to home.

What makes this a classic history drama is the fact that in this film we may see a risky and tough life of soldiers, huge losses and number of victims of this war.

All the characters are very clearly described and the plot is quite unpredictable. There were also realistic and impressive special effects so that you may absorb the atmosphere of the time when the actions take place.

But still there were some mistakes. For example, there were some other tanks instead of "Tigers" but not many people can notice that.

"Saving Private Ryan" is a really exciting movie with astonishing plot, perfect play of actors and fascinating special effects. It won many types of awards and a love of the audience with them.

I really recommend it for every person, especially for people who are interested in the theme of the worlds history and wars. I`m absolutely sure it will impress almost everyone of the people who watch it.


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