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It would be great for Russia to hold the summer Olympics. Everybody would benefit, even those who don't like sport. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays Olympics is a big event. Some people think that it is a great chance to show abilities of a country. But others claim that it is just a useless waste of time.

In my view, government draws too much attention to this. Olympics is not that occasion which needs to take so much resources. In our country there are many other bigger problems.

Someone may argue that it is an exciting entertainment. Watching how professional sportsmen do their job is at least interesting.

We can see how powerful our nation is. Moreover, we should not always think only about how to save the world from every disaster.

Against this, I can say that people, who are engaged in professional sports, often suffer from various fractures and diseases. They need to quit sport at early age because of health problems. Another thing is about money, if our state did not spend so much money on it, country would get some useful things as better medicine, roads and schools.

In conclusion, I do not share the opinion that Olympics in Russia is a good idea. There is a view that this kind of show has a nice effect on everyone. Although it can be spectacular, there is more harm than benefits.

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