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War is a terrible time (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

War is a terrible time, which is full of cruelty and ruthlessness. Soldiers without thinking kill enemies, civilians suffer. But even in such inhuman conditions, there are people who are ready to help, sometimes risking their lives. It is precisely the importance of preserving humanity, the manifestation of heroism and self-sacrifice in the war, that N.N. The Nikita.

This problem refers to the number of eternal, philosophical. The narration in the text is from the first person. The narrator remembers the story of her father, who during the war was an airman. Once, when the pope was at the head of the squadron and was returning from the mission, he saw a broken ambulance bus, a driver trying to repair the crash, and a nurse who was desperately waving the sweater to the allies.

A column of Germans moved towards them. The pilot understood what the outcome of such a meeting would be, and therefore immediately, without hesitation, gave the command to land. This example shows that, despite the danger, the father of the narrator still decided to help the allies, performed a heroic deed, which speaks of his humanity. Further, the pilot encountered another problem: too many wounded. Since the planes were two-seater, they could not distribute all. Then the father of the narrator decided to seat two people in a car with more power, but one of the pilots began to emerge, that he would not fly with two, since it was dangerous.

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The commander had to take control of this airplane, despite all the risks. This example once again shows the importance of preserving and manifesting self-sacrifice and humanity in wartime, for if it were not for the father of the narrator, everyone who was in the ambulance bus would perish at the hands of the Germans.

The position of the author of the text on the issue raised is expressed clearly and unambiguously and is revealed in the following sentence: "There were millions of other same Soviet people who overcame fascism and did not lose the human face." The author draws the attention of the reader to the fact that even during a continuous struggle with the fascists, it was important to preserve humanity, to help others.

I fully agree with the author and believe that it was thanks to heroic, selfless, human actions that our country was able to withstand this ruthless war. If it were not for them, there would have been more human losses, the war would have become even more brutal.

To confirm the validity of this statement, I will give an example from the literature. Remember the work of B. Polevoy "The Story of a Real Man, " whose protagonist was a military pilot. The plane of Alexei Meresyev got into a plane crash. The man severely injured his legs, so he had to crawl to the road in various ways. Meresiev did not have any food or water, only a can of canned food, which he found. Soon the pilot completely lost consciousness from pain, hunger and thirst. But he was lucky: Alexey was found by the villagers, who were killed by the Germans. Although they themselves had almost nothing, but they came out the pilot, acted humanly and selflessly. It was thanks to these residents that Meresjev was taken to the hospital and saved his life. This example shows that in war it is very important to help others, to show humanity and dedication, because these qualities lead to heroic deeds: saving life, saving from the enemy, helping one's neighbor.

Another example is the work of L. Kassil "Line of Communications", where a whole group of soldiers was surrounded by Germans and did not know about it, because the wire connecting the telephonists and the belligerents was cut off. Svyazist, the protagonist of the work, learning about this, immediately volunteered to find and repair the cable. Everyone understood that he was going to his death, because there were all enemy troops everywhere and was fighting. Despite this, he nevertheless showed heroism, dedication and humanity, after all, the signalman understood that if the cable was not repaired, then all would die, and went to this task. He had to go through a lot: terrible pain from injury, cold, fight with the Germans, but the signalman, despite everything, was able to connect the cable with his teeth and save a whole group of soldiers. This example once again shows the importance of manifestation of humanity, selflessness and heroism in the war, because these qualities can save many lives.

So, after analyzing the text and giving examples for argumentation, I want to note once again that war is a terrible time when people commit monstrous acts, but even in such conditions one should not forget about humanity, selflessness and heroism.

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