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War! (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

War! Behind these letters lies a sea of &񗜻&񗜻blood, tears, suffering, pain, and most importantly - the death of people dear to our heart. The years of war will never be forgotten. 1941 - 1945 - this is a terrible time, when death knocked at every house, when everyone fought: from small to large. In my opinion, war is an event that measures human values. A man in war and a man in ordinary life are often completely different people. It is in war that the essence of a person, personal qualities, abilities are revealed. This has been preserved many stories of our grandparents, whose childhood or youth fell during the war years. Their memories formed the basis of books and films.

A great impression on me was made by the story of M.A. Sholokhov "The Fate of Man". The author describes the terrible fate of Andrei Sokolov, the hero of the story.

How much did this man have to endure! During the war he falls into fascist captivity, loses his family. It's scary to read the pages where it says about how an air bomb hit his house, his wife and both daughters die. And on the site of the house a huge funnel was formed. On the last day of the war, Anatoly's son was killed. It seems that everything is destroyed and the person is on the verge of despair. Everything that is dear to him, loved, destroyed by the enemy.

It seems that in the soul of Andrei Sokolov there is no room for love and happiness. But this is not so! His soul warms up. The former soldier again returns to a peaceful life, gets the hope to love, to take care of someone and be loved. Andrei Sokolov is helped by the boy Vanya. He also lost loved ones. Vanya was all dirty, ragged, frightened. So he was met by Andrei Sokolov. Before us are two orphaned people. They fell into terrible trouble. But at the first meeting Andrei Sokolov realized that he could not leave this boy. He must take care of him, help. This gave the soldier the strength to continue living and to remain a real man. It seems to me that Sokolov accomplished a feat! It does not have to be for this on the battlefield. He managed to cope with his misfortune and decided to help another person.

One more work about the war comes to mind - V. Bykov's story "Sotnikov". The author on the pages of his book tells how different people, being in equally difficult circumstances, behave differently. For example, the protagonist of Sotnikov is a strong-willed man, one might say, stubborn. In the book there is a fragment where it is described, the commander selected the partner to go on the task. Only Sotnikov could not refuse, although he was sick. He answered the question of soldier Rybak: "That's why he did not refuse, that others refused". After falling into captivity, exhausted by illness and torture, Sotnikov does not lose heart, he does not give up. His strength is strengthened by the belief in victory and love of the Motherland. But the soldier Rybak behaves quite differently. He is afraid that he will be tortured in the same way as Sotnikov. Fear makes him a traitor, an enemy. He kills his comrade, in order to survive himself. Comparing these two characters, we can conclude: The fisherman dies before Sotnikov. He lost his soul, his moral appearance, and Sotnikov was not broken by fear and torture.

The Great Patriotic War is a whole epoch in the history of our country. Many human lives were sacrificed for the sake of victory. Hundreds of villages and towns were destroyed. Poloms, hundreds of human destinies are warped. Remembering this is the duty of every living person. I am sure that it is necessary, after so many years, to return to this dear and important topic in books, films, conversations.


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