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A World Without War (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A World Without War

The Great Patriotic War was a terrible test for our people, and despite the fact that more than a decade has passed since its end, it continues to respond with painful echoes even in the hearts of those who did not find it. Grandfathers and great-grandparents gave their lives, shed blood for the sake of saving their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In memory of them, rallies and other events are held annually dedicated to their victory over a strong, dangerous and cunning enemy.

On the TV screen, films about the Great Patriotic War continue to appear. The scenery in these pictures, as a rule, is gray and dim, casting gloom and thoughts about the imminent death of most of the characters. It seems that the fierce battles did not end several decades ago, as if they are still going on, and it is not known whether our troops will win or our people are still in terrible danger.

Watching the events of such a film, even those who did not think about all the hard losses of our people before, will penetrate and respect the memory of their ancestors.

Unfortunately, the younger generation most often reason this way: "Why recall what was a long time ago? Is it not better to pay attention to the present? ". Indeed, we must always move forward, the past should not be obsessed with, but it must be remembered. After all, we, girls and boys, owe our freedom to those who won it from the invaders, and it does not matter when it happened - more than seventy years ago or last week.

Memory - all that remains of those brave fighters, in addition to stone tombstones and tombstones. Only we, living and young, are able to save this memory and carry it through the centuries, to pass on to our descendants, so that they in turn transmit it to their own. It will be right, it will be fair to those who once left their families, their normal lives and went to the front to lose everything, but to make a small contribution, to help the homeland take a few steps towards the long-awaited freedom.

We must understand that if we do not defend our country, our world and our families, nothing will remain. There will be no Internet, no stylish boutiques, no grocery stores, no friends, no books, no social networks. Everything is in our hands - this is exactly what our defending soldiers understood at the time.


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