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It`s important for high school students to study compulsory subjects, even if they don`t see any need for them in the near future (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is no doubt that education plays a significant role in our life. People share different points of view on this subject: some of them are sure that students must learn compulsory subjects, even if they don’t see any need for them in near future, while others disagree with this idea.

Personally, I support the first point of view and can explain why. First and foremost, learning compulsory subjects makes pupils to see the world from the different angles. We must have basic knowledge in biology, history and literature as well as basic skills in mathematics to understand our world. Furthermore, people who have learned compulsory subjects in school always have a better variety of careers to choose. For example, If someone wants to be a doctor, but don’t study chemistry at school, he will need to take a gap year to study it by himself.

However, let us consider this point of view from another angle.

Learning compulsory subjects means that students need to study more and it may lead to bad consequences. Lack of time because of too much homework caused mental instability and feeling of every day stress, which is bad for students health. So, it maybe smarter to concentrate only on a few most important subjects.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with this argument since having a good time management skills always helps people do cope with such problems.

To sum it up, according to the arguments presented above, it is necessary for every person to learn compulsory subjects at school.


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